2 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Heat Pump

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2 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Heat Pump

2 Signs Something Is Wrong With Your Heat Pump

20 October 2015
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Few things are more frustrating than dealing with a non-functional heating or cooling system. In addition to making your family uncomfortable, you might find yourself spending your free time troubleshooting your system. However, you might be able to streamline repairs by knowing which problems to look for. Here are two signs something is wrong with your heat pump:

1: Your Home Is Uncomfortable

Heat pumps work by harnessing heat and moving it where it belongs. For example, during the summer, your system will absorb the heat inside of your home and move it outside. Conversely, your heat pump can also absorb any heat outside during the winter and move it indoors to keep your home comfortable. Unfortunately, as your heat pump ages, the mechanical components that transport this heat-seeking refrigerant can fail, leaving your home uncomfortable.

Pay attention to how your home feels. If you find yourself fiddling with thermostats frequently, something might be wrong with your heat pump. Sometimes, refrigerant levels can dip because of leaks or simple disintegration, making your system less efficient. To ward off issues, have a professional HVAC technician service your pump regularly. He or she might be able to spot worn components before they make your house uncomfortable.

2: Your System Freezes Over

Your heat pump relies on a steady stream of heat to keep the system from freezing over. Unfortunately, if your air handler can't move heat like it needs to, the internal refrigerant can develop ice crystals and cause a thick layer of ice to form over your outside unit. Once the unit is frozen, it won't be able to transfer heat back and forth, which can alter your indoor temperature.

If this happens to you, check to make sure that your home's air vents and air returns aren't blocked. Also, inspect air filters to make sure that your system can suck in air like it needs to. If you can't find any airflow issues, contact a professional. If your system has a thick layer of grime inside the air handler, it might need to be professionally cleaned to work properly. Experts can also measure the temperature of your refrigerant as your system runs, so that they can detect issues before your system stops working.

By identifying heat pump problems early and working with a professional to repair the problem, you might be able to fend off frustrating climate control issues and extra expenses.  

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