Early Signs Of Furnace Trouble: What You Should Watch Out For

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Early Signs Of Furnace Trouble: What You Should Watch Out For

Early Signs Of Furnace Trouble: What You Should Watch Out For

7 November 2015
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When the fall weather becomes chilly and it starts to feel like winter has descended upon your world, you know it is time to switch your thermostat to heat and get your house to a comfortable and cozy temperature. However, what you may not know is how to tell when your furnace is not working properly or is beginning to show early signs of disrepair. While some signs are obvious, others are not. And in order for you to contact an HVAC specialist before your furnace breaks down completely, there are a few key things you need to watch out for.

Your Furnace Continues to Produce a Strange Smell

The first time your turn on your heat after a summer hiatus, your furnace will most likely produce an odd, distinctive odor for several minutes to about a  half an hour. This smell is produced from the dirt, dust and other debris that may have settled in your vents and heating ducts as well as the furnace area itself during the summer.

When heat is applied to that debris it causes a smell almost akin to burning. While this short period of unpleasantness is perfectly normal, the continuation of that smell is not. If several hours or days later, your furnace is still producing that smell, you will want to shut down your heat and have an HVAC contractor take a look. You could have some kind of blockage in your heating system, your pilot light and gas composition may need adjustment, or there may be a dangerous electrical issue with your heat.

Your Thermostat Says It Is Warm In Your Home, But Your House Seems Cooler Than Usual

Sometimes, no matter how warm your thermostat says it is in your home, you just do not feel warm. While this can sometimes be attributed to your body (rather than your HVAC system), if the issue is continuous, there may be a problem with your heat.

While your thermostat may say your home is a comfortable temperature, if you are chilled and others in your home notice it too, your heat may be malfunctioning or ready to give out completely. The issue could be with the pilot light, with the body of the furnace, or could be your thermostat itself.

Before you call your HVAC contractor, replace the batteries in your thermostat and give your heat a chance to turn back on and heat up your home again. If you feel comfortable and warm again, the issue was with your thermostat's ability to properly gauge the temperature in your home. However, if you do not notice a difference, it is likely time to bring in your HVAC contractor to have a look and perform an inspection.

Now that you know a few of the early signs of furnace trouble, you can contact your HVAC contractor at the first signs of trouble, before you have a major furnace breakdown on your hands. Check out websites like http://www.alliedairheat.com for more informaiton.

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