Follow These 2 Steps To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Winter

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Follow These 2 Steps To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Winter

Follow These 2 Steps To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Winter

10 November 2015
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If you're like many homeowners today, you probably have a whole list of items that you want to get taken care of around your home before it gets too cold outside. With fall well underway, the clock is ticking on how much time you have left to get everything done. One of the main things you want to get done is winterizing your air conditioning unit. Otherwise, you will end up with a major disaster when spring rolls around and you try to start your unit back up, only to get nothing but a bunch of warm air coming out. To make sure your unit is ready to go when spring rolls around, take the following steps to winterize your air conditioner the right way.

Clean the Area around the Unit

You don't want to leave a bunch of leaves, branches, sticks, clutter, bushes and other debris around your unit. Clear a couple feet of space all the way around the unit. This helps to prevent rust, clogging and potential damage to your unit. It also discourages animals from trying to take up residence around your unit. Animals can cause a lot of damage to your unit, so the more you can keep them away, the better.

Cover Your Unit with a Piece of Plywood

Grab a large piece of plywood and put it on the top of your air conditioning unit. Take a large rock or brick and put it on top of your plywood to make sure it stays securely in position. This prevents leaves, ice and snow from getting inside of the system, while protecting it from sleet and snow damage.

Covering the unit with a tarp might not be in your best interest. Essentially, you are trapping all of the things you want to keep out of your unit on the inside. All of the debris, moisture and condensation has nowhere to go. Units are designed to be outside, so it isn't necessarily a matter of protecting the unit from the outside, just some of the elements out there. if you prefer a manufactured AC cover, there are shorter varieties available that still allow the sides of the unit to vent.

Another thing to consider is having a repair specialist, like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating, come out and do an inspection for you at the end and start of any cooling season. This prevents any major surprises from coming your way when you go to turn the unit on for the first time next summer.

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