Troubleshooting the Common Walk-In Freezer Issues in Your Commercial Kitchen

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Troubleshooting the Common Walk-In Freezer Issues in Your Commercial Kitchen

Troubleshooting the Common Walk-In Freezer Issues in Your Commercial Kitchen

13 November 2015
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Having an on-site freezer storage space that is large enough to allow you and your employees to walk in and grab what you need is definitely convenient. However, a walk-in freezer in your commercial kitchen also means that you have to be careful about potential problems, as appropriate holding temperatures can be a huge deal when it comes to food safety. Here are a few of the most common issues that can come up when you have a walk-in freezer unit and the potential problems you should be able to easily diagnose on your own.

Problem: You constantly have problems with ice buildup on floors and ceilings.

Cause and Solution: Excess ice buildup inside of a walk-in freezer is almost always caused by too much condensation. There could be a few different causes of excess condensation. One, your employees may be leaving the door to the freezer open for long periods, allowing warm air inside the unit. Two, the freezer door flaps may not be in good condition, which allows heat to enter any time the door is opened. Either way, these are easily addressed issues. Simply make it a strict guideline that the door to the walk-in freezer is not left opened for more than a few seconds and replace any damaged plastic freezer flaps.

Problem: The temperature inside of your walk-in freezer is not consistent.

Cause and Solution: If you start to notice that the products inside your walk-in freezer vary in temperature or frozen consistency, you are dealing with a freezer that is not cooling consistently. Most of the time this means that your freezer fans are not evenly distributing cold air throughout the unit. This could be because of buildup or debris on the fan or it could be related to a faulty fan motor. You can visually inspect the fans for issues, but this will involve shutting down the power to the unit and removing the metal fan guards, which may be a job better left to a repair technician.

Walk-in freezers are a valuable asset in any commercial kitchen, but seeing a freezer with issues can be a big deal. If you want to keep your walk-in freezer running as smoothly as possible, be sure you take some time to read over troubleshooting tips that were provided by the technician during installation. You can also contact a professional from a company like D & R Service Inc for advice if you can't fix the problem yourself. 

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