When Your Commercial Freezer Needs Repair: Four Emergency Backup Solutions

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When Your Commercial Freezer Needs Repair: Four Emergency Backup Solutions

When Your Commercial Freezer Needs Repair: Four Emergency Backup Solutions

6 January 2016
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Commercial freezers have large jobs to do. They have to run continuously to keep food cold for restaurants, convenience stores and grocers. When they break down, everything inside them is at jeopardy and could become a financial loss to your business. Most of the goods will keep for several hours, so long as the freezer door remains shut. If you are dealing with high heat and humidity outside and/or inside your business, or you know employees will open the freezer door too many times to count, you may need an emergency backup solution. While you search for an HVAC contractor, such as Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc, to perform commercial refrigeration services, here are four backup solutions to keep your goods and food items cold and fresh.

Clear out the Employee Refrigerator

If your breakroom has an employee refrigerator, you can commandeer it for this emergency situation. Just make sure the employee refrigerator is clean and that all of your employees are aware of the fact that it is temporarily a business overflow fridge. If you only have a mini-fridge for employees, place the most expensive food items in it and figure out an alternative for everything else.

Rent a Refrigerated Truck

It may be possible to rent a refrigerated truck to hold the rest of your food items until the HVAC contractor can repair the business's freezer. Possible companies with which to make contact include frozen food delivery trucks, ice cream trucks and cold storage shippers. Companies that produce frozen foods and frozen meals or appetizers within your area will also have a fleet of refrigerated trucks, so it pays to contact them as well and ask for their help.

Empty Your Slushee Machine, Your Ice Cream Machine and/or Your Shake/Malt Machine and Use Those

If you are in a very tight spot, you could empty the mix contents out of a slushee machine, an ice cream machine or a shake/malt machine and use the empty, refrigerated compartments to store all of your commercial freezer's foodstuffs. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean and sanitize these compartments before using them as emergency cold storage and after the crisis is over and your freezer is repaired.

Have a Couple of Smaller Residential Freezers Delivered

In the event that your commercial freezer will not be repaired for a couple of days, you may want to order a couple of residential freezers and have them delivered. These are compact and may even fit inside your current commercial freezer if you are tight on space. You can run the cords out through the commercial freezer door and within the couple of hours it takes for the cold air to escape the commercial freezer, these smaller freezers are ready to take on the responsibility of saving your meat, cold drinks and produce.

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