How To Replace The Draft Motor Inducer In A Gas Furnace

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How To Replace The Draft Motor Inducer In A Gas Furnace

How To Replace The Draft Motor Inducer In A Gas Furnace

12 April 2016
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Has your gas furnace started cycling on and off too quickly? Or has the furnace suddenly stopped warming at all? The problem could be in the draft motor inducer, which sucks in air that helps regulate the burner's temperature. Lack of this air draft can cause the system to overheat and shutdown.

If you're sure the problem is the draft motor inducer, replacing the assembly only requires a few simple tools and a bit of time. Feel stuck at any part in the process? Call in an HVAC tech for help.

Things You Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • New draft motor inducer assembly

Step 1: Remove the Old Draft Motor Inducer Assembly

Turn off all power to the furnace using the circuit breaker or shut-off switch. Locate the combustion panel door. Remove the door by twisting the knobs then pulling the door up and off the furnace. Set the door aside.

Now you can see the draft inducer housing. Detach the drain hose and pressure switch hose from the housing by simply pulling on the hoses near their connection points.

Use a screwdriver to remove the mounting screws holding the pressure switches in place. Remove the pressure switches and set the switches aside. Loosen the fastener on the exhaust vent pipe from the outlet port. The fastener could be either screws or a clamp that you need to loosen with a wrench. Pull the exhaust pipe out of the outlet port. Push the pipe upwards into the furnace to make some work room and to expose the wire you need to work on next.

Locate the grounding wire, loosen its mounting screw, and pull the wire out of position. Let the wire dangle down inside the furnace for the moment.

Disconnect the draft inducer motor wires. Remove the mounting screws for the draft inducer motor assembly. Pull the old assembly out of the furnace and discard.

Step 2: Install the New Draft Inducer Motor Assembly

Read the instructions on your new draft inducer motor assembly to find out about any prep work you need to do before installation. This might include installing a restrictor disc into the inlet port before installing. You should also remove the caps that block the areas where the tubes need to hook into on the new motor.

Place the new draft inducer motor assembly in the appropriate location in the furnace. Screw the mounting screws into place to secure the new assembly. Connect the draft inducer motor wires to the appropriate terminals at the bottom of the assembly.

Put the grounding wire into place and attach with its mounting screw. Feed the exhaust vent pipe down into the outlet port. Secure the vent pipe using its mounting screws or clamps. Hook the drain hose and pressure switch hoses up to the appropriate ports on the assembly. Position the pressure switch bodies onto the correct spot on the motor assembly. Secure the pressure switches into place using the mounting screws.

Put the combustion door back on the furnace and twist the knobs to secure. Restore power to the unit and conduct a test run. Is there still a problem occurring? Call in a furnace repair person, like those at Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning, for a consultation.

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