2 Simple DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks

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2 Simple DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks

2 Simple DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks

19 July 2016
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Over the years, your furnace is bound to become a little less energy efficient. But, when your furnace starts to lag, there are quite a few simple things that you can do to improve its functionality. There are a few simple DIY furnace repairs that you can do on your own, with basic tools and a little direction. You don't need to be an HVAC specialist to perform these repairs. Best of all, they will make your furnace more energy efficient, saving you money in the long run. This article explains two simple furnace maintenance tasks that will make your unit more productive.

Cleaning the Motor

Before you do any service on your furnace motor, make sure you shut off the power to the unit. The motor to your furnace is very easy to locate. Most modern furnaces have access doors that can be opened and closed with ease. Some older furnaces require you to loosen up a couple of screws to remove the access door.

Once you have access to the inside of your furnace cabinet, the motor is easy to find because it is near the fan. If you notice dust and grind buildup around the perimeter of the fan motor, you want to remove it as well, if possible. Usually, a hose vacuum with a brush attachment is the best for this job. However, you might also want to wipe it down with a slightly damp rag. But, don't use any cleaning liquids inside the furnace. If you have full access to your furnace cabinet, you should vacuum out the entire inside. Any dust on the inside can eventually end up in the motor, where it slows down the operation and forces the furnace to use more energy.

Change the Filter

Changing your furnace filter on a regular basis is very important. There are no set timelines for how often you should change your filter, but you should at least check it every year or so. The filter is very easy to locate because it is on the outside of the furnace cabinet. It is in a small slot between the cabinet sidewall and input duct. If you pull out your filter and notice the ridges are kicked up with dust and dirt, you should immediately replace it with a new one.

With a new filter and clean motor, your furnace is bound to operate more smoothly and efficiently. This will ultimately reduce your energy bill. Contact a furnace repair expert if you need further advice.


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