AC Losing Its Cool? 3 Tips To Help You Solve The Problem

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AC Losing Its Cool? 3 Tips To Help You Solve The Problem

AC Losing Its Cool? 3 Tips To Help You Solve The Problem

16 August 2016
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If you've got your air conditioner running non-stop this summer, but your home is still hot, the cool air might be escaping. There are actually several ways that cool are can escape from your home. Unfortunately, it that's happening, your air conditioner has to work that much harder to keep your home cool.  Here are just three of the ways that your home could be losing its cool.

Inadequate Insulation

If it's been a while since you've added insulation to your attic, it might be time. Even the best insulation can wear out. Once that happens, your home is only partially protected against energy loss. To keep your home cool, be sure to add additional layers of fresh insulation. You should also use spray foam insulation to seal off cracks and crevices that could be allowing your cool air to escape. The spray foam insulation will expand and harden as it dries, creating an air-tight seal wherever you apply it.

Doors and Windows Not Properly Sealed

Take a look at your doors and windows. If you can see light coming from around the window frames or door jambs, they aren't properly sealed or caulked. To keep more of your cool air inside your home, apply a generous layer of silicone caulking around each of your window frames. To prevent air loss from around your doors, you should install new weather-stripping. For the best protection, be sure to remove the old weather-stripping first. This will ensure that your fresh weather-stripping has a secure bond around your door frame.

Problems with the Ducts

You might not realize this but problems with your ducts can actually cause you to lose cool air. If you have tears or gaps in your ductwork, the cool air could be escaping before it even has a chance to make it into your home. Place your hand up against the vents inside your home, if you're only getting a small trickle of cool air through the vents, you should have your ducts inspected. This is particularly true if you've taken care of the previous two issues described above.

You don't have to lose your cool this summer. The tips provided here will help you keep more of your cool air inside your home, where it belongs. If you continue to have problems keeping your home cool this summer, be sure to contact your local HVAC contractor as soon as possible.

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