Maintaining Your Hot Water Boiler To Prepare For Winter

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Maintaining Your Hot Water Boiler To Prepare For Winter

Maintaining Your Hot Water Boiler To Prepare For Winter

24 January 2017
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The coldest month of the year is when you need your boiler to run properly and produce the heat for your home the most. Taking the time to prepare for winter by having your boiler serviced and inspected is important. The cost of the service will vary from area to area. Here are some things to consider doing before winter sets in.

Cleaning the Burner

When you have your boiler serviced, the technician will clean the firebox and burner by disassembling the boiler and brushing the parts out with a wire brush. excess soot can build up and plug the burner and flue up, causing the boiler to run poorly or smoke not to properly leave the firebox if it is not clean.

Cleaning the Filters

The filters in the system are there to filter the air coming into the boilers burner and firebox area. If these filters become clogged, the furnace will not get enough air and the burner will run rich. The result is a fire box filled with too much fuel. The burner can not process and burn the extra fuel and the burner will flood or shut down. Air is critical to the process and the filters need to be maintained, either by cleaning them or replacing them regularly.

Replacing or Cleaning the Fuel Filter

At the base of the fuel tank, there is a filter that the fuel runs through before entering the fuel line. The line carries the fuel to the burner where it is fed into the nozzle then mixed with air and sprayed into the burner. If the fuel filter is dirty, the fuel going to the line may carry debris to the nozzle or the line can become blocked. In either case, the result is a boiler that will not run properly.

Replacing the Nozzle In the Burner

Lastly, the nozzle inside the burner should be cleaned or replaced before the winter season begins. The nozzle is the mixing point between the fuel and the air that need to combine in the fire box to make the boiler run properly. In some cases, the nozzle can be cleaned many times but if it becomes damaged, it will need to be replaced with a new one. A local burner technician such as Custom Comfort will be able to tell you whether they can clean it or if it needs to be replaced.

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