What To Consider When Choosing A Window AC

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What To Consider When Choosing A Window AC

What To Consider When Choosing A Window AC

19 March 2018
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A window air conditioner (AC) is relatively inexpensive, doesn't consume too much energy, doesn't occupy much space, and is pretty versatile. Still, you will only enjoy these and other advantages of window AC if you choose the right one. Here are some things to focus on when choosing a good window AC unit:

Noise Levels

As you would expect, a window AC is installed right on the window connected to the room that is to be air-conditioned. This means if the window AC is noisy, you will be exposed to its noise all the time. This can be a real problem if you are sensitive to noise and the window AC is particularly noisy. Maybe you work at home or want a really quiet place to sleep while the weather requires the AC to be on. Luckily, window AC units are available with different noise levels; talk to an AC technician to help you choose a relatively quiet model

The Window to Host the AC

Secondly, you also need to figure out which window will be hosting the AC because it determines the AC you should buy. For example, window AC manufacturers specify the minimum and maximum window sizes that their products support; this means you should know the chosen window's size before making the purchase. The target window should also be close to an outlet where the AC will be plugged; if it isn't, then you will have to contact an electrician to add an outlet for the AC. Lastly, the window should also be relatively shaded so that direct sunlight doesn't interfere with the operation of the AC.

Size of the Room

Just because it is called a window AC, it doesn't mean it is a one-size-fits-all system. Just like other types of ACs, window ACs come with different BTUs (British Thermal Units), which is the amount of heat the AC can remove from a room. The higher the BTU the more heat the AC can remove from a room; this means ACs with high BTUs are needed for big rooms. Consult a technician for an accurate sizing of your window AC.

Extra Features

Lastly, it's also good to consider the extra features – all the bells and whistles – that are available for window ACs. This includes things like dehumidifiers, programmable timers, remote control, and filter alert, among others. These aren't necessary for the AC's operation per se, but they make using the AC more comfortable and efficient.

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