Dealing With Stifling Heat This Summer? How To Help Keep The Cool Air Flowing

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Dealing With Stifling Heat This Summer? How To Help Keep The Cool Air Flowing

Dealing With Stifling Heat This Summer? How To Help Keep The Cool Air Flowing

19 July 2018
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Summer may be in full swing right now, but there's still time to give your air conditioner some much-needed maintenance. In fact, right about now, your air conditioner might be in need of maintenance, especially if it's been working overtime to keep your house cool. Here are some simple tips to help keep the cool air flowing this summer.

Give Your Coils a Thorough Cleaning

You might have heard that you need to spray your air conditioner coils down with a garden hose about once a month to get rid of the dirt and debris. However, if that's all your doing, your coils aren't getting nearly as clean as they should be. Before you spray your coils down with the hose, clean them off with a shop vac. The bristle attachment on your shop vac will loosen the dirt and get rid of the hardened debris that won't come loose with a hose. You'll want to use the attachment on both sides of your coils. That way, you'll know that all the caked-on dirt has been loosened and removed. Once you've used your shop vac to remove the dirt, fix any fins that might be bent. Finally, use your garden hose to give your coils a deep clean. Clean coils will ensure that you get plenty of cool air into your home.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Lift

If you experience a lot of seasonal rains, and your air conditioner is installed outside, the excess water may cause the concrete pad to sink. When that happens, it can cause serious damage to your copper tubing and electrical wires. Not only that, but if the concrete pad shifts unevenly, you could notice your air conditioning unit start to slide. If that happens, you're going to be looking at some costly repairs. Not only that, but you'll be without cool air while you wait for the repairs. To avoid problems, be sure to have the concrete pad lifted as soon as you notice a shift in the level.

Give Your Ducts a Quick Boost

There's nothing worse than turning your air conditioner on and having the cool air come out of the vents at a trickle. If you've already had the ducts cleaned, replaced the filter, and had your air conditioner tuned up, it's time to give your ducts a quick boost. Talk to your HVAC company, like tcs heating and air, about have in-line duct boosters installed in your home. These fans function by pushing air through the ducts so that you get more of the cool air into your home. You can have them installed in all your rooms, or just the rooms that are lacking proper airflow.

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