Diagnosing Central Heating System Problems

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Diagnosing Central Heating System Problems

Diagnosing Central Heating System Problems

22 August 2018
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Although cold seasons sometimes bring about snow that is beautiful to look at, it is also possible for temperatures to drop to dangerous levels. The best way to stay safe during such weather is to have a good heating system in your house that can be relied on. HVAC systems are usually the most reliable when it comes to staying warm or cool as the seasons change, but poor maintenance and age can lead to various problems. The thermostat can play a role in causing both heating and cooling problems, but there are certain things that are strictly related to the heating aspect of an HVAC system. If your central heating system is out of order, browse through the content below for a general idea of what might be wrong.

Turn Your Attention to the Furnace Pilot 

When a central heating system goes out of order, it is usually related to there being a problem within the furnace. Many homeowners have gas furnaces that has a pilot area on them, which is important for heat to be produced. You should basically be able to see a constant flame coming out of the pilot orifice when the heater is running. If there is no flame present, contact an HVAC technician so he or she can reignite it. The task of reuniting the flame isn't difficult, but it can be dangerous if done incorrectly due to having to work with gas and fire.

Determine if Gas or Electricity is the Problem 

Depending on your furnace type, a supply of gas is needed in order for your central heater to keep your house warm. You might need to purchase more propane if it is the type of gas that your heater uses. It is also necessary to get the gas line inspected to ensure that none of the fuel is leaking out before making it to the furnace. If your furnace runs off of electricity, check your electrical panel in case a circuit breaker is off. Keep in mind that a gas furnace can experience electrical problems as well, depending on the specific model.

You Might Need to Replace the Furnace

There are various furnace parts that can fall unto bad shape with time. If your furnace constantly needs repairs, getting another one for your heating system is likely the wisest decision to make. The valves, burner, pilot orifice, and thermocouple can stop functioning altogether when a furnace is old. 

Contact a heating installation service for more help.

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