Benefits Of A Split AC System

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Benefits Of A Split AC System

Benefits Of A Split AC System

25 July 2019
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If you are considering a new air conditioning (AC) system, you should consider a split AC system. The following are some of the benefits of a split AC.

No Ductwork

A split AC system doesn't require ductwork. Rather, the inside and outside unit are connected by tubes and electrical cables; the inside unit delivers cool air directly into the room. The absence of ductwork means you can install your split system in any house irrespective of whether it has a duct system or not. The absence of ductwork also reduces the installation costs of split AC systems.


In a typical house, the temperatures of different rooms or parts of the house are rarely equal. This means different parts of the house require different cooling. A split system takes care of this quandary because it can be zoned to target different parts of the house for independent cooling.

Efficient Cooling

One of the advantages of split AC systems is that they are rather efficient. The efficiency comes in several ways. First, split systems don't use ductworks, which eliminates energy loss in the duct system. Secondly, split systems can be zoned so that you can enjoy customized cooling for each part of the house. Lastly, split systems minimize contact between outside and inside air.

Ease of Installation

Installation of split AC systems is also relatively easy. For one, these systems are only connected by electrical wires and tubes, so the installer doesn't have to do much drilling. The split systems also don't require ductwork. In fact, skilled DIY homeowners or even handymen have been known to install split ACs on their own (though you still need a contractor if you lack the skills or experience).

Dual Function

Some split AC systems can also be used as cooling systems during the cold season. This is especially possible in moderate climates that neither gets too cold nor too hot. In such a case, the split system works as an AC during the warm months and a heater during the cold season. This saves you from the cost and hustle of installing two separate systems for cooling and heating.


With a split AC system, part of the unit sits outside the house and houses the compressor, cooling fins, fan, and tubes. This means that part of the operations of the AC occurs outside the house. As a result, a split AC system isn't as noisy as those systems that are installed fully indoors.

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