Heating Your Home With Energy-Efficient Solutions To Lower Winter Utility Bills

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Heating Your Home With Energy-Efficient Solutions To Lower Winter Utility Bills

Heating Your Home With Energy-Efficient Solutions To Lower Winter Utility Bills

14 August 2020
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If you are tired of the high energy bills that you have to deal with every winter, it is time for a heating system upgrade. Today, modern heating technologies and HVAC system designs can help greatly reduce your winter energy costs. The following heating system information will improve the efficiency of your heater and lower your utility costs:

Geothermal heating

Conventional central HVAC systems can have a geothermal heat pump design. These systems include a geothermal element that exchanges thermal energy with the ground. The benefit of installing geothermal systems is that after the initial installation, the upkeep will cost less than the upkeep for conventional HVAC systems. This is because the geothermal heat pump reduces wear on heating components like the furnace. There are several options for the geothermal heat pump that can be installed with your system, which include:

  • Pond geothermal loop systems
  • Closed-well geothermal loops
  • Open and closed geothermal ground loops

You may want to install a different type of geothermal heat pump loop depending on the climate and space you have available.

Radiant heating and efficient designs

If you are looking for the reliability of a radiant heating system, there are different options to consider for your home. Today, solutions like in-floor heating systems can provide your home with an efficient solution and comfort. There are also modern radiators that have individual control valves that can be an efficient solution if you do not want to invest in the in-floor heating system design.

Adding solar heaters to home heating

Today, solar heaters are another option to consider to heat your home. They can help to reduce energy consumption.

Improving heating efficiency with thermostat upgrades

The heating efficiency of a new system will also depend on features like a zoned design and a modern thermostat. The modern technology in thermostats can give you an efficient solution that is intelligent and that allows you to:

  • Control the thermostat with an app
  • Set the thermostat according to seasons and weather
  • Remember settings to adjust the thermostat

The right upgrades to the thermostat and heating controls will help you maximize the efficiency of the new system you have installed in your home.

With a good design for your household heating system, you will be able to reduce your winter utility bills. Contact a heating system installation service and talk to them about these solutions to make your home more efficient.

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